Caught Between Worlds

4th Session: Back to Terra

Returning to Terra, chasing a lead on some answers to what is happening to them.

Back at the University of the Midwest, each member of the party copes with what has happened to them in different ways. It seems what was several weeks in Terra was just five days back on Earth. However, this had meant that they had missed most of Welcome Week and their first week of class! They scrambled to catch back up. Dr. Xerxes did not appear to teach Esoteric Mythology, rather a TA by the name of John Dough did. He did not answer any questions about Dr. Xerxes, and the content of the class seemed to revolve around strange and obscure knowledge that actually seemed to be more connected to Terra than that of Earth.

As time passed, each reacted to their experience in their own way. James stocked up on gear so he would be prepared for his return, Amethyst renewed her interested in herbalism, Dorion asked for more melee training during his ROTC sessions, Amara made sure her German Shepard Rex was always with her, Jaxson stocked up on occult books, and Raith watched a lot of Lord of the Rings while stoned. Several weeks passed uneventfully, but one day when they opened the door to the Esoteric Mythology class, a familiar tome lie waiting on the instructor’s desk. It was James who shoved the others aside and lunged at the book, and with a flash of light they were all returned to Terra.

It seems they had been gone from Terra for about a week. The goblin, Marikimar-Snap, had patiently waited for them, though the donkey they had bought had not survived that much time alone with snap and his…hungers. The party traced their path back to Sanctuary and found their payment from the previous Clan job waiting for them.

Some inquiries around town revealed that a old wise-woman who lived alone a day’s journey might be a source of answers. But upon finding her hut, it was discovered to be empty and in disarray, as though a struggle had occurred. Several tracks lead away from the hut and toward the mountains. The ROTC student and the life-time camper were able to follow the trail to a small cave that turned out to be the rear entrance to the ruins of some sort of monastery. A number of monks met the party and professed ignorance of any travelers while trying to get them to depart. When the UM students did not, the false monks attacked them. A grand battle ensued, with the party pushing their way out the cave and into the courtyard. They drive the false monks back and the monks retreat behind the crumbing walls of the central keep, firing bows. As the party takes shelter from the arrows behind a stable, the leader of what now appears to be a band of slavers shouts out a desire to parley.

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