Caught Between Worlds

Char- hello?

I’m not sure who I address this to or who I’m writing this for. I do think that it’s time for my path to divert from the path of the rest of the pack. Hopefully not forever and not because I disagree or don’t support your decisions and life, but because I do! Please understand that my decision to step off of the path of the Druid has been made so that I can stand between the pack and the forces that are coming to destroy you. Some con protect standing with their people. Some must stand seperate to do what must be done so that the needs of entire pack can be met. I hope you understand why I must do what I am doing.
Heartrender, if you get this message take as many of your pack and anyone that follows the old ways and seek safety in the deep forest. Times are changing, but you must protect all who hold true to the old magic, it’s stronger than most realize. If you need me, send a raptor with a cloth holding your musk, and bearing the mark of my companion. I will try to come to you. Know that Char is lost to us and I have give up my role of student to take up the mantle of guardian. Walk in peace my friend, hopefully we will meet again soon.


Left in the rubble at the Den near the statue of The Mother



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