Raith Ackhart

A pot smoking Aussie rogue from down under


Xerxes Scholarship Form:
Name: Raith Ackart
Gender: Male
Age group: 18-21
Ethnicity: Australian (white)
Declared: Foreign Citizen (Australia), Criminal Record (Possession, Breaking and Entering) Level: Sophomore
Enrolled: College of Business. Major: Finance Minor: Undeclared
High School GPA: 3.4 Current GPA: 2.5
Emergency Contact: Abby Ackert Relation: Mother
Preferred roommate: A buddy to get high with
Additional tuition: Financial Aid
Housing: Campus Dorm
Extracurricular Activities: Basketball, Martial Arts, Running/Track and Field, Petty Burglary.

Class Schedule
Journal Entry – 2010-08-28

Raith Ackhart

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