5 foot tall thin build. I had redish brown hair, but now it's grey with highlights (and not the old lady grey either). Greenish eyes and tan skin. I'm also followed around by my trusty shadow Rex. He's a German Shepard.


So, the folks said Freshman year in college was going to be life changing. Well, they weren’t kidding.

Xerxes Scholarship Form:
Name: Amara Smith-Jones
Gender: Female
Age group: 18-21
Ethnicity: Mixed
Declared: Psychological Issues (Claustrophobia)
Level: Freshmen
Enrolled: College of Liberal Arts. Major: Animal Husbandry Minor: Herbalism
High School GPA: 2.7
Emergency Contact: “Bob” Relation: Father
Preferred roommate: Female
Additional tuition: Financial Aid
Housing: Off Campus (additional Cost, where at, how are you paying?)
Extracurricular Activities: Gymnastics, Martial Arts, Theatre (what specialty), Camping, Art (what type?)


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