James' #1 Lacky


Marrikimar-Snap!, sometimes “Snap!” and sometimes “Merrik,” was the only survivor of a group of Baknamy that tried to kill the party after they had emerged from the underground complex that marked their initial arrival onto Terra. He demonstrated more brains than his fellows by quickly groveling and begging for mercy. James was looking for someone to order around, and Snap was a willing participant. He’s been with the party ever since, generally to the dismay of most of its members.

Baknamy are a very diverse species physically. Snap stands around 3.5 feet tall. He has greenish brown skin, no hair, long spindly limbs, fingers, and nose, and starring eyes. He’s 60% comic relief, 20% rampaging id, 15% go-fer, and 5% lurking menace. His two defining traits are his apparent devotion to James and a fascination with horses and mules. Heck, encountering any quadrupedal beast of burden seems to arise a desire to eat it or fuck it, not necessarily in that order or even sequentially.


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