James Wellborn

Business major, rich kid, anger management issues yet, the Voice of Reason


Barbarian (Invulnerable Rager) L6
DEX 10 AC 13 DR 9/-
CON 12 Fort 6
INT 12 Ref 2
WIS 8 Will 1
CHA 12 CMB 13 CMD 23

Climb 10
Diplomacy 7
Handle Animal 5
Intimidate 17
Knowledge (Nature) 5
Perception 8
Profession Business 13


Xerxes Scholarship Application Data:

Name: James Wellborn
Gender: Male
Age group: 22-25
Ethnicity: Native American (1/8 Iroquois, thank you very much).
Declared: No Issues
Level: Junior
Enrolled: College of Business. Major: Business Administration Minor: Business Law
High School GPA: 3.9 Current GPA: 3.4
Emergency Contact: Nathan Wellborn. Relation: Brother
Preferred roommate: None
Additional tuition: Cash
Housing: Off Campus
Extracurricular Activities: Greek life (Alpha Kappa Psi), Golf, Debate, Martial Arts, Track

Mon/Wed/Fri Tue/Thur Weekend
Morning Req. Course Req. Course Free time (golf)
Afternoon Study Debate Work
Evening Free time Free time Study
Night Sleep Study Free time
Late Night Sleep Sleep Sleep

Net: -4

James Wellborn – Friends, neighbors, countrymen

Thomas Master – rental properly manager, Victory Properties LLC. 5’10” brown hair, GQ styled. Dresses in loud button up shirts and louder ties. Thomas has been with Victory for several years, he manages all of their single unit homes. He is a complete sales demeanor, always trying to show James additional rental properties. He is slightly envious of James’ success at his age, and that leaks through when he asks for financial advice from James.

Thad Orson – 3rd year senior, multiple majors. 6’ bleach blonde hair, spiked. Dresses in khaki shorts, sandals & socially unacceptable t-shirts. Thad enjoys the school but mostly enjoys the parties. James and Thad have gotten along well from their first party together. Thad helps James coordinate course work being done by various skilled but poor college students. They talk about ways to expand their business constantly but haven’t yet for fears of being caught.

Ralph Johnson – Junior Business Major, All State Field & Track. 6’5” brown hair, long & mop like. Dresses in boots, jeans, & work shirts. Ralph and James share many classes together as well as track practice. Ralph is a better short distance runner than James. Ralph is the son of a local farmer and only has ambitions of becoming a middle manager, mostly to get away from the farm.

James Wellborn

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