Armor of the Infinite Steel Spiders

Self-regenerating ablative armor


Tier One Prototyping: Armor of Infinite Steel Spiders

Transition: the pillbox suddenly explodes into a gushing torrent of tiny steel spiders, which swarm over the bearer, linking up to form the armor which appears to occasionally shift in subtle but disturbing ways.
Item Basics: The basic form of the armor is that of a masterwork Steelsilk shirt. This grants the wearer DR 1/Adamantine. The armor takes up the armor slot, surprisingly. It has no armor check penalty or max dex modifier.
Secondary Power: Energy Resistance. The armor provides Resistance 5 for all energy types. However, the damage Resisted by the armor damages the spiders, as seen below.
Primary Power: Ablative armor. The spiders that make up the armor shift instinctively to protect the wearer, sacrificing themselves in order to blunt the damage received by the target.

  1. As the spiders take damage and are destroyed, the protections that they provide diminish. At full capacity, the armor has 50 points worth of spider (each 1 is approximately 100 spiders). As the bearer takes damage, the spiders take the full effect and as their number is reduced, so is their effectiveness:
    1. Armor Bonus: +4, DR 3/Adamantine: 50-41 points.
    2. Armor Bonus +3, DR 2/Adamantine: 40-31 points.
    3. Armor Bonus +3, DR 1/Adamantine: 30-21 points.
    4. Armor Bonus +2, DR 1/Adamantine: 20-11 points.
    5. Armor Bonus +1, DR 1/Adamantine: 10-1 point.
  2. Spiders recover at the rate of 1 every 10 minutes while the Armor is active. If the armor is returned to Pillbox form for 6 hours, it will fully recover.
  3. In addition, the wearer can “feed” metal objects to the armor to recover spiders. This takes 2 minutes for a normal weapon and 5 minutes for normal armor. Weapons will restore 3-10 spiders (depending on their size and metal content), armor will restore 5-15 spiders, depending on its size and metal content. If the spiders consume a magic object, then they will add the bonuses for as long as the points received from the object remain in the armor. They are first ones destroyed.

Artifact Kernel: Metal Pillbox
Powers: The Metal Pillbox will produce 3 pills in a 24 hour period. The user can take these pills and then mentally sub vocalize a question. The pill’s flavor will change depending on the answer to the question:

  1. Sweet – positive outcome. Good result. Yes.
  2. Bitter – Negative outcome. Bad result. No
  3. Savory – Mixed outcome. Good and bad results. Perhaps.
  4. Sour – No clear outcome. Poorly phrased or impossibly phrased question. Try again.
    Minor effects: The pills can be taken out of the pillbox, but the box will only regenerate pills if they are consumed. There can never be more than 3 pills at any time. The box seems damage resistant, as do the pills.

Armor of the Infinite Steel Spiders

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