Mirrored Gloves of Kali

Charge them with positive or negative energies: the choice is yours


Tier One Prototyping: Mirrored Gloves of Kali

Transition: The choker turns to a mirrored material which splits and moves like a pair of serpents around the wearer’s shoulders, over their chest, and then down their arms to form a pair of mirrored, metallic gloves that go just above the elbows.
Item Basics: The metal gloves allow the wearer to strike targets as though they were armed. Each hit acts like a club, doing 1d6 lethal damage. They take up the gloves item slot.
Secondary power: Chi sense. Each hand can create a bubble that can be used to view either the positive or negative chi of the target. These bubbles can be left static in the air or can lock relative to the wearer, making them a kind of HUD. Only one bubble can be used as a time. The positive bubble grants a +5 to Heal and associated checks. The negative bubble grants a +2 precision damage modifier, and a bonus to inflict pain.
Primary Power: Energy Magnification. The left glove empowers healing, while the right glove empowers destruction. They do this in two ways:

  1. Casting healing or destructive spells through either arm gives them a bonus. +1 bonus per die of either damage or healing.
  2. Building a charge. As either arm is used, they build up a charge of either positive or negative energy. Each level of spell cast adds one point of charge. So a Cure Moderate Wounds spell would add 2 points of positive charge, while an Inflict Moderate Wounds spell adds 2 points of negative charge. Spells which do not directly heal or inflict damage add half their level in charge depending on if they are helpful or hindering. 0-level spells add nothing. The charge can be released to do a Channel Energy effect as per either a good or evil cleric:
    1. 1 point: 1d6
    2. 3 points: 2d6
    3. 5 points: 3d6
    4. 7 points: 4d6 etc.
  3. Charge balance: Each glove can add up to 3 points of charge normally. Above 3, each added point of charge will reduce the charge of the opposite quality by 1. So if the bearer has 3 points each and adds 2 points of negative raising it to 5, their positive charge reduces to 1.

Artifact Kernel: Bamboo Choker
Powers: The choker tightens very slightly when the target of the wearer’s attention lies. This is defined as being intentionally deceitful. If the target makes a statement that is not true due to a lack of knowledge on their part or the deception of others, it doesn’t read as a lie. After 10 lies in a short time period, the choker is uncomfortably tight, and each additional lie begins to restrict airflow. The choker returns to normal after a short period. On Terra, it grants their wearer a +10 to their Sense Motive check to determine truth.
Minor effects: The choker cannot be removed except by the wearer. It doesn’t seem to be affected by water or other environmental effects.

Mirrored Gloves of Kali

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