Twin Lensblades

Shape-Changing weapon that eats enemy Damage Reduction

weapon (melee)

Tier One Prototyping: Twin Lensblades

Transition: the glasses hover off the wearer’s face. The two lenses separate and grow, the metal frames lengthen and widen while rotating to the vertical axis. They become two identical kukri blades, each with a lens of dark glass in the hilt.

Item basics: The primary hand Kukri gains a minor magical charge, becoming a kukri+1. The off-hand kukri functions as a masterwork blade. If the bearer changes which blade is his primary hand, the enchantment changes as well. They take up the weapon item slot.

Secondary power: By manipulating the kukri lenses, the two blades can change size from Tiny to Large. This takes a Standard Action.

Primary Power: When the Twin Lensblades encounter damage resistance, it awakens a hungry fire within them.

  1. This can be activated by hitting the target (they DR reduction does not apply on this it, rather that is what aligns the blade to the type of DR to be consumed), or by taking a standard action to sight the target through the lens on the Lensblade. On initial activation, both blades will activate with the same DR consuming flame. However, it is possible to align them to different DRs during the fight.
  2. Once activated, the blades blaze with flame whose color depends on the type of Damage Resistance they are encountering. Each successful hit by either Lensblade reduces the damage reduction by a number based on the chart below:
    1. Cold Iron, Alchemical Silver, other alchemical-based; slashing, bludgeoning, piercing DR: 3 points per hit
    2. Magic, alignment based (chaotic, good, lawful, evil): 2 points per hit.
    3. Everything (-), Adamantine: 1 point per hit
    4. Epic: ½ point per hit.
  3. Targets with AND DR will have to have them addressed independently. So if a target has DR 10/Good and Silver, if the blades consume the Good DR, the silver will remain. Splitting the blades can speed this.
  4. Targets with OR only need to have 1 of them consumed to be vulnerable.

Artifact Kernel: Smoked Glasses
Powers: The glasses reveal how threatening creatures are to the wearer. When wearing them everyone appears to be somewhat darkened (though still clear, no vision penalties apply). However, a creature’s image will lighten up solid white depending on how much threat they present to the bearer. How bright they get is a measure of two things: intent and ability to do harm. In Terra, those aware of the power can try and obscure the effect by making a Bluff check. This is opposed by the wearer’s Sense Motive.
Minor effects: the glasses remain securely on the wearer’s face regardless of the environment. Underwater, in combat, etc. In addition, they appear to be highly resistant to damage, so a punch to the face will hurt the wearer far more than the glasses.

Twin Lensblades

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