13th Entry James

Rehearsal and Opening night

After a read through of the script and a little practice with the whip I decided that was going to be a bad idea.

Discussed with the director changing to a caning rod, guy at the local shop up sold me to an elementite laced cane, I provided the detail for the cap.

Skull is coming back to haunt them, more people asking for details and making purchase offers

They all start to trickle in each with their own advantages

Four significant powers are at work trying to angle their deal

Turns out the power of actors is pissed about the murder play, good thing he’s really a pansy

Moved into the rehearsal pretty easily but the heckling crowd was pretty annoying, in hind sight it looks like they were supposed to be.

Moving into the first act we started the show strong, audience enjoyed it

Second act, the cane comes out, the group isn’t smiling as much now, I’m glad the prop encouraged them to stay in character

Everyone only had to respond naturally thanks to my effective use of props

13th Entry James

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