1st Entry Amara

Okay, this has been a weird experience. This morning I was talking to my guidance counselor at the University of the Midwest where I’m just starting the Animal Husbandry program, trying to convince him to accept my dog as an emergency contact, and now I’m camping outside a cave only the Goddess knows where. Here’s how it happened:

In order to keep this fancy scholarship I received, I have to take this Esoteric Mythology class taught by the guy who sponsored the scholarship. So on the first day of school I go to Dr. Xerxes class and once class starts we see some instructions on the board to go to one of the rooms in the library. It’s me and like 5 other people in the class. Once we get to the room, these two guys from the class (no I don’t know their names) opened this box to reveal an old looking book. Then one of the guys opens the book and there was a huge flash of light and I felt like I was falling

We woke up in this cave-like room. There was an earthquake and I ended up falling down into a wolves den. I saw the biggest grey wolf I had ever seen. She had these weird green eyes and well, anyway, I try to get in a submissive, “I don’t mean you any harm” position and the next thing I know, she’s on top of me. I think I’m gonna become wolf chow and next thing I know, I have this kind of warm fuzzy feeling. I know she’s not going to hurt me, it was kind of like she was accepting me into her pack. I think she licked my ears? It was odd, but over quick. Anyway, I was able to look around and realized that I could climb back up the way I came.

Once I got into the room I see that two of the guys (the ROTC member and the preppy) are finishing off this big bug looking thing, and when I mean big I mean 1960’s B-movie “Bug that ate Seattle” big. B I G. Anyway, the stoner guy comes back from down the hall with this purple volleyball size glowing rock and says that he is now the Clan Master, then the sword that ROTC used to kill the big bug said that he should touch the rock. Okay, yeah, the SWORD TALKED!!! And glowed red! And the preppy found some sort of giant Renaissance Fair shield.

By now I’m kinda just going with the flow. So, I touch the glowing rock and there was like this electrical charge that went up my arm. It didn’t hurt or anything, it was just weird. Oh and the guy with the talking sword had hurt his leg in the fight and the other girl in the group, some British chick, went over to check out his leg and her hands got this golden glow and he was healed. Like completely healed.

Anyway, we start looking for a way out of the room and come to a hall. One side leads to a door and the other side leads to this room with a chest and a table and a lot of cobwebs. So we go to the room, why we don’t go out the door I don’t know, but anyway. In the room some moron decided to light some spider webs on fire and, well, spider webs sometimes have things living in them. These did too. And not just a few small spiders either. Oh, no we have to get the mother spider from hell and her 95 gazillion children all intent on having us for dinner.

So, Mom spider is trying to take a bite out of the guy with the talking sword (first thing I’m doing when we get a break is find out who the hell these people are), so the guy with the shield goes in to help fight too. Now we have a mass-o-spiders trying to eat everything they can. The fight was happening so fast I don’t know if I got the order of things right but basically, Guy with the Sword and Guy with the Shield were trying to fight the spiders. Guy with the glowing rock decided to come in and wave a lit torch into the spiders (which sorta helped). I was thinking that fire would be good and all the sudden I HAD A FLAME IN MY HAND!! Not like my hand was on fire, but like a fireball IN MY HAND and it didn’t hurt, it was just weird. I didn’t want to throw it, cuz well I don’t throw well, so I tried to wave my hand in the spiders.

I didn’t do much damage, but I was trying then the Guy that Opened the Book, threw this green ball of fire into the mass-o-spiders and they all caught fire and died. Then someone killed the mom spider. By now the webs on the ceiling had caught fire and were falling down around us so Guy that Opened the Book and Guy with the Purple Glowing rock and I grabbed everything off the table and Guy with the Talking Sword grabbed the chest and we bailed back down the hallway with the door at the end.

The chest had a lot of old-fashioned armor in it. This place seems pretty dangerous (wherever we are), so we divvied that up. I got some thick quilted armor that is sweaty. Now Guy with the Purple Glowing rock (it shrunk before we fought the spiders, but since I have no names for these people that works) tried to open the door with some lock picks he found. Anyway, he tried the lock picks on the door and got shot by a crossbow, not bad, but he was shot and we saw this room that had like chess board tiles on the floor.

So Guy with the Shield just charged to the door but then Guy with the Purple Glowing rock made some other people stand in specific places. We had found some pages (some fragments of a journal?) with interesting writing on them and by interesting I mean weird and a little frightening. But GwPGR must have seen some reference in this. Once people were standing where he told them the door opened and we went into this other hallway that had these sharp triangle things on the floor. Guy with the Shield got his foot all cut up.

Then we all got into this one room and we heard something large coming at us. It was skeletons. Walking, moving, angry skeletons. Holy, sweet Jesus. So, Guy with the Talking Sword, Guy with the Shield, Guy with the Purple Glowing rock and I started beating on these skeletons. It took a while, but we killed (can you kill something that’s already dead) them.

Guy with the Shield was in bad shape so the Other Girl and I made him sit down so we could heal him. I can do the heal thing with my hands too, but not as well as the Other Girl. It’s interesting I can do the heal thing and the fire thing but the Other Girl can only do the heal thing and the Guy that Opened the Book can only do the fire thing. I can’t do them as well as they can but they can only do one or the other.

Anyway, we finally got out of the Cave of Strangness and are in a forest (I think). We looked up at the sky and there are clouds (like home), stars (like home) and Earth (WHAT??!?) So now I’m thinking we are either sharing an extremely vivid hallucination, I hit my head very hard and now am in a coma having a very vivid dream with people in it that I have never seen before, or something wickedly weird is going on.

Oh, if we ever meet and you want to know who I am I’ll give you my particulars. I’m 5 foot tall and weigh about 120. I’m not thin, but I’m in shape. I have dark skin (mostly cuz I’m outside a lot, but also cuz I’m a north American mutt). I have long red hair (but I keep it up most of the time), and green eyes. I hope we figure out how to get home soon, or the drugs wear off, or I wake up.

1st Entry Amara

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