2nd Entry Amara

So, we all sat down to find out who was who and here goes. The other girls name is Amethyst, the guy with the talking sword is Dorian, the guy with the big purple rock is Raith, Jacks is the guy that can throw fire and James is the stuck up guy who thinks he’s SOOO important. Ummm Rude Much?

Anyway…we all decided to kinda look around to see if we could find food and shelter. It was decided that since we killed everything in the cave (GOD I hope we didn’t miss something), we would sleep in there. Since I know more about the outdoors I went with Raith to look for food and Jacks and Dorian went looking for wood to make a fire. Amethyst kind of lost it a bit, but I’m sure once we get to a less open area I’ll probably have my own freak out session. Anyway, I found some berry looking things that the animals seem to be picking at so they should be okay. I had Raith start gathering them and went to see what else I could find and a HUGE grey and white wolf (probably the one that pounced on me before) gave me a young deer. OKAY, Toto we DEFINITELY aren’t in Kansas anymore. I took the deer (it was either that or starve so…) back to the camp and tried to cut it up into edible pieces.

I saw a stream and took a drink and I have grey streaks in my hair. Not like I’m getting old grey, but like a kinda darker grey. Ummm, what the hell? It’s kinda cool, but weird. Anyway, we sat around the camp fire to talk about what the hell was happening and everyone started claiming sentry duties. I was tired but offered to do some time, but next thing I know, James was banging on his shield and yelling for us to wake up. I looked around and ummm, I don’t know how but Amethyst ended up with the ONLY lush grassy area to sleep on. I didn’t see it the night before, but it was dark and I was tired.

Anyway, James had us all get up because something was happening. We looked out of the entrance and there were these creatures that looked kinda like Goblins, and kinda like some Jim Henson nightmare rodent mix. There was a guy in dark robes and they were leading an 8 foot woman rabbit looking person. I mean she was walking on two legs like a human, she had the shape and dress of a woman but she had 2 foot ears coming out of the top of her head. They weren’t an odd Pinocchio type ears. I mean seriously long RABBIT ears. I wonder if she has a cotton tail under her skirt. I’m not gonna ask, but you see the ears and wonder.

Anyway, these rodent/goblin looking things start talking about more to sacrifice (which I think sounds bad-apparently everyone else does too) so we get ready to fight again. So, Dorian and James get in front of us and start looking all fight ready, Raith is peeking around the corner, Jacks is waking up, Amethyst is getting ready to do something and I decide to try the whole fire in the hand thing. So, we’re fighting. Not doing bad and then, the guy in the robe starts waving his hands and next thing I know, I’m curling up on the ground sleeping. I hear a loud noise, or someone shakes we awake and most of us were on the ground asleep and the goblin looking things are coming at us. I kick one of the big guys awake (I think it was James) and we go back to fighting.

So, one of the goblin things is killed, one is injured and starts backing up pulling out a net so I throw a ball of fire at him and he starts burning. Dorian gets up to the guy in the robe and kills him and we all kill all but two of the goblin looking things. One has decided to surrender to James and the other was being choked out by the Rabbit Girl. Dorian offered to help her so now we made a friend. She told us her name, but I’m not even going to try to spell it. I’m sorry to say that we all started in on the 20 questions thing with her. She probably thought we were all a little slow. There are other humans here so she offered to take us to a small little village or post type area.

There was an armor and weaponry store so we were able to sell off a lot of the excess stuff we had. I went to this Bazaar/Swapmart looking area and was checking out some of the merchandise and some guy there was selling a CD on a chain. I went to look at it and it was the White Album. The guy said it was a family heirloom and had been in his family for several generations, but come on. It’s the White Album on CD. Those haven’t been out that long… the thing is, WE didn’t bring it with us so there is other humans here from Earth, maybe even the US but they were here long enough ago that this guy managed to get the CD. I don’t think it’s been in his family for generations, but still; it’s something to think about.

So, we all decided that it would be a good idea to upgrade armor and weapons and such, so we did some major shopping. James of course wanted SHINY armor (jackass). We got everyone two changes of cloths, a backpack with basic supplies, rope, bed roll, all that kind of stuff. I got some nice armor. I see the chain stuff and the idea of making myself a soup can just bugs me.

After the shopping was done we went to an inn for bathing, food and somewhere to sleep. Amethyst and I will share a room and the guys will share a couple of rooms. OH and James kept the goblin that surrendered. His name is Blowsnot or something, he smells, he’s weird and he thinks James is some sort of Lord or something (like he needs someone to stroke his ego-he’s not ugly, but not my type).

Anyway, while we’re all sitting down to eat this guy comes in and is singing a song. I can’t remember the name of it, but I’ve heard it on the radio. So, he’s singing this song, dancing around and people are starting to get weird. He came over to the table and we asked where he heard that song before. He said that it was something he picked up in his travels. He was talking to Jacks about the books that he had and Jacks gave him one. As soon as that guy touched it, the book started to look all moldy. The inn keeper brought our food out, but it was rotten and smelled horrible.

The guy left and people started to fight. Dorian told the inn keeper to bring us some food that wasn’t rotten and when he said it was fine, Dorian made him eat it. You could see him fighting to keep from getting sick. We decided to go get food somewhere else. We ended up eating meat on a stick (I’m not going to ask what kind of meat, but it wasn’t horrible). So we went back to the inn. The inn keeper was apologizing to everyone about the food and there were some fights and stuff. We talked to the Rabbit Girl some more, but I was getting tired so went up to get some sleep. I figured I would do a journal entry about what happened just so I don’t forget. Who knows, if I keep these and can take them back home, maybe I could use them to write a book. Wouldn’t it be weird if that’s where Tolkien actually got his ideas?

2nd Entry Amara

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