2nd Entry James

This ridiculous fantasy world where I find myself currently, is very uncivilized. Money is still effective however, just not with my companions, as I am still forced to document my experiences personally. Setting up our first “camp” was a scene from some lousy late night comedy from the 80s. Half stumbling around sorting out what to do, and half mysteriously finding things that we needed to get by. Fortunately, I was prepared for the horrible tastes of wild game, and berries, because of that one summer when my mom thought I needed to get in touch with my roots. I can confirm that the meat was just as bad as I remembered.

With the immediate dangers gone people actually started looking at their surroundings and wondering about their companions. Personally I am not worried about names or getting to know anyone else. This world is so surreal that bonding seems foolish. I mean, skeletons that walked, worse attacked us? It’s straight out of a fantasy novel. I’m not sure what could have caused me to be here, but I’m slowly getting used to dealing with the rules of this fictitious world. Everyone else seems to be jumping in head first to how things work here, and so far that is treating them well. I’ll be the cautious acceptor for now; after all, my evidence says they are all insane anyway, at least suffering some sort of psychotic break.

Back to what’s been going on… The first night everyone seemed very concerned about being attacked. They established some sort of watch rotation I think, but I wasn’t really paying attention. Apparently I had one of the watches though because I was rudely awakened after only a handful of hours of sleep. I agreed with Grove when he said, “Only the paranoid survive,” but this is a little ridiculous. I know we were attacked by things out of someone’s wild imagination but, watches, really?

Okay, my turn for illusions and other voices, ones that argue with me, unfortunately. I think I read somewhere that was a bad thing. I would happily call it a dream, but after a 2 minute conversation that was coherent, I had to acknowledge that I was awake. As this thing accounted to me, it was a spirit kept in my shield to train people in the group the shield represents. The good news is that it seems to want to train me. Considering that I’ve never picked up a shield until yesterday, the training that I eventually relented to was beneficial. I do have to take into account that the voice/spirit/shield seems to be trying to help me, and it is teaching things that I could not know. I’m not sure what that means, other than I doubt this is another personality in my head. Reading over my notes here, it also seems way too convenient, like those cheesy plots points in B movies. Think about it, everyone here, if they are real, was a college student and now is interacting with a world of fantasy and we all mysteriously have items that are helping us along? Until I find other evidence this is fueling my theory that we are in someone’s ill-conceived fantasy with some underlying purpose. Maybe some type of twisted game or something. The “why” doesn’t matter as much as knowing the rules and winning.

So maybe the watches were a good idea, violent little creatures seem to be common place in this world. This time around the attacks seem to be coordinated, which is scary. Fortunately the other people woke up pretty quickly and we were able to form a defensive line, of two… This encounter reminded me a lot of sparring in martial arts practice, specifically, sparring against the guys with only a year of training. It actually got boring enough that I fell asleep. Apparently I needed more sleep. This will be my reason not to take a watch in the future. So I get back up to find the combat winding down with one little creature begging for his life. I don’t need to get into the whys so I’ll just say that I needed someone to carry my stuff. I do have some fleeting thoughts about finding more like him, they all seem to pretty weak in general, easy to control. I still need to be cautious, if it only serves in fear then I’ll have to keep up that fear. It seems to be greedy as well, that should be easy to use for a while.

Bunny people? Seriously? At least it speaks the same language that we do; actually that doesn’t give me any comfort at all. This makes 5 species that none of us have ever seen, two of them speak the same language that we do… It doesn’t make sense, it will never make sense, don’t try to make it make sense, just learn the new rules so you can win…

Right, so we are following bunny girl to a town. I can’t wait to see what ridiculous scene awaits us. If there are towns then that means there is some sort of economy. For once I am a bit excited about all of this. If their economic structure is as backward as fighting with swords then I should be able to start building a fortune in no time.

Good and bad news, the coins we found in the cave seem to actually be equal in value to their size. Meaning that the $1500 in cash I have looks like pretty paper to everyone here. Hmmm maybe I can sell a few in an art shop. The good news being that they seem to be past a pure bartering stage, although that might be thanks to the size of this town. I also need to brush up on haggling, I haven’t seen such a strong battle of wills since my father bought his Bentley. They bought me armor, I’m still not sure what to say about that. Part me of says that if you aren’t tough enough to take the blow then you aren’t worthy anyway. Another part of me keeps repeating the words “swords, they use swords.” In the end wearing armor should mean that I can now take a hit like no other and keeping fighting. I just need to make sure that I’m tougher than any other guy in the same armor. I saw this thing the merchant called a spike gauntlet, I like it, simple and effective. It’ll let me get up close and personal with anything that wants to test itself against me.

I’m not sure what beds will be like in a place like this but if they are any softer than rock it will be an improvement. Dinner should come first though, I can still taste that venison..blek… Well so much for food, I swear it was fine when it was put in front of me, but I was so distracted by this creepy singer that walked through the bar. When he left I looked down and the food was spoiled and that is putting it politely. I would describe the creepy guy more, but the whole thing was a bit too, well weird. Everything seemed to change around him, I’m not even going to try and think through this one. A bit of a highlight, soldier boy and I scared the bar tender into eating our spoiled food. It was a very enjoyable change of power. Soldier boy surprised me with that one, maybe we’ll get a long after all.

2nd Entry James

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