3rd Entry Amara

Journal Entry:

Ummmmm, well what should I write about. Our group went back to town and took another job. We went out with a cleric to harvest bloodpods from a tree for her. The tree is HUGE (we can walk up a pathway IN the tree). We got to the top branches and were starting to get to work getting the pods. Well, everyone but James (he didn’t want to take off his armor and is coming up the tree v e r y veeeerrrrry sllllooowwwwly. He actually got up to the top about the time we were ready to go back down.

There were these weird bird looking things that attacked us. I don’t think they were evil, they were just animals doing what animals do, but they hurt. I was tired for a while after they bit me. They actually suck your blood. Ewwww. Anyway, we got relatively healed up and headed back down the tree. At the bottom, James pet Snot found a door and we went down to investigate it. There was a book that looked a lot like the one we opened at the school and we told Jax not to open it. He tried to push it into a bag, but it got jostled and opened. We got that big whoosh and were back in the Library at school.

There was a note on the table saying that we went to the wrong room and stole something from someone and they would find us and make us pay…I got back home and fortunately Frank took care of Rex for me, but he was still very anxious and tended to sit as close to me as possible. I know he can pick up on my emotions and I’m a little nervous after everything that happened, but seriously I wish he would leave me alone in the bathroom. I was soaking in the tub, letting everything relax and almost wet myself when he licked my hand.

I checked my email and there is a note from the professor about him missing our class. That was strange. We were wherever we were for quite a while and coming here we were gone only a couple of days. Not even enough time for Frank to worry and call my folks and he’s like an overprotective uncle. I mean seriously, I’m not allowed to have guys in my rooms, but I can be gone for a few days and I just have a note on my door saying “fed and walked Rex” with 3 number marks on it?

I wonder if I can convince my counselor that Rex is a service dog so I can bring him with me on campus. It sounds crazy but, someone on the campus is after me so Rex would be a good deterrent for someone wanting to attack me, but the main reason is because I don’t want to leave him here if I get sent to that other world again.

I’m gonna start looking into Druidism. That guy in the tree said I was a druid so I want to know what I can do if I go back. I don’t think he was talking about a religion so it must be that I could do the things I could because I am a Druid there. It seems weird writing it down. I mean, my parents are the quintessential hippy couple. I’ve been raised with a healthy appreciation of nature and living with the planet instead of just on it, but being there was so much more and better then here. I like being outside and listening to the wind and birds. Here it’s a relaxing background noise, there it was something else and I knew it in my entire body. Every part of me felt a connection with everything around me. The dirt roads were hard, but they didn’t hurt my feet and it’s weird, but walking through the wild areas didn’t get me scratched, I never stepped on a sharp rock that hurt my feet.

Sleeping on the ground wasn’t as comfortable as my mattress, but I didn’t get cold, even when I didn’t have the blankets to put under me. Is it weird that I would prefer a world so much wilder then here? Is it weird that now that I’m here in the world that I was born into and lived in my entire life I feel like I’ve been misplaced? That other place feels more comfortable and welcoming to me then here. Maybe I am loosing it. I’ll talk to my counselor about Rex. The worst he can say is no.

Men are so easy!!! I went to my counselor’s office to talk about my stress levels. I pinched the hell out of my leg to get the tears to well up, then just a lot of heavy breathing, hysterical rambling and huddling into the corner of his couch petting his pillow saying “Rex calms me down” and BLAM!!! He wants to meet Rex to see if he has the appropriate temperament. Went to get Rex, brought him back to the office and after a 2 hour behavioral evaluation I have a note from him saying that Rex is an accommodation needed to assist me in dealing with my emotional issues. I just have to keep Rex on his short leash in the class rooms. He sent me to a store to buy a Service Dog jacket that Rex is supposed to wear, but after Rex tore two of them up, he gave me permission to keep one in my bag to pull out if someone asked.

I’ve seen the others around campus. It’s weird; we all seem a bit distant with each other. You would think we would be closer, but it hasn’t worked out that way. I know we only have that one class in common, but still. I noticed that James has a new much bigger backpack on him now. I’ve started carrying more food and water in my bag. I wonder what else I should start carrying with me. Oh well, I’ll think about it. I have class again tonight, but I think I have time to finish my plans. I have a knife that I keep under my shirt; I have more food and water in my backpack. I don’t think we’ll be sent back right away. I think I’ll see how everyone else is tonight and maybe suggest we all go out for coffee or something after class and see if anyone else is making plans to go back. Even if it is just in case, it might still help. I’m not going to tell them I want to go back though.

3rd Entry Amara

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