5th Entry Amara

Well, another day in Cillimar and things are well, how the hell should I know. I haven’t seen James yet (not that it’s a bad thing, but he did come with us and I feel like we should at least keep track of him). Talked to Jaxon and Amy about what Char said and they both nodded at me. I think we are each a little over loaded with everything happening and at a point where we can finally figure out what’s happening and I’m not surprised that they want to learn as much about what they are as I do. I have to go back to Caven anyway, so that’s my plan for this morning. Amy and Jax both know where I’ll be so they can come find me. I’ll talk to Char before I go to the Green Leaf and see if she’s available after lunch.

Well, Char was no problem, I guess she forgot that she was busy today too. She’s willing to wait until my “friends” are ready. Besides 4 heads are better then two and they may bring someone along too. So on to Caven and Rex’s armor. I asked Char why I needed to learn how to increase Rex’s armor and she said he would get big. When I asked how big she smiled and said I would be stretching to put my hand on his shoulder. OKAY, so he’s gonna be as big as a horse. Ummmm that’s gonna make taking him to class interesting if we ever get back. Hopefully he’ll change back to normal dog size, but what would that do to his psyche. Oh well, I’ll worry about that when the time comes. As Grandma said, “don’t think about Christmas shopping before Easter”.

The Green Leaf is pretty interesting a place and Craven is actually a fairly gifted armor smith. I gave him Char’s note and he showed me a picture. It was Mother with the wolf cub in her mouth. Just a head shot, but still interesting. He asked if I wanted that on Rex’s armor and it looked cool so why not. Anyone else I run into that’s part of the pack will recognize me and anyone else will think it’s just some weird druid thing. (I can hope) Well, anyway I’m not worried and think Mother would be pleased. Craven asked me what I was wearing so I told him I had picked up stuff in my travels. He shook his head and asked if I wanted stuff for me. Well, let me think, do I want armor pulled off of people I helped kill, or do I want something that’s just mine. Silly question. Rex’s armor is gonna cost me 100gp and he said mine would cost the same. Checking my money, I think I can do that. Especially if we grab a job while we’re here. He asked what I wanted so I asked what he suggested. We had that, what do you have, what’s best conversation and he talked me into getting some nice Hide armor. He drew me a picture and well, I saw the Catwoman movie and all I can say is…Meow. Okay it’s not black with sexy cutouts, but still I’m gonna be in tight leather. It’s a vest with detachable sleeves (for easier movement), pants and boots. He asked if I wanted different dye’s then Rex but I guess the pooch and I have similar tastes, because he picked the same colors I did. I guess the only thing I could ask for was that Rex and I not look like Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. That one had to be explained and explaining Alice in Wonderland to Craven actually took some time. But, I know how to adjust and increase Rex’s armor, Craven got to get up close and personal to measure me for my armor. And that was how I spent my morning. I was walking to the Ivory Tower District when I saw Dorian walking by. I waved and asked if he wanted to get something to eat. I think he’s still a little bothered about trying to kill Amy. Even though we realized he was out of his mind and we didn’t blame him. Still he agreed and we went to a nice little shop and OH MY GOD the special EVERYWHERE is called a Robert. We each got one. With a choice of meats, and additions. IT WAS A SANDWICH!!!!! We both got a good laugh and talked about what we’ve been up to. Apparently Raithe is seriously looking at picking up a clan job. That would be good because I just spent major money. Dorian was looking at weapons (which is surprising because he has such a cool sword) but if he wants to here would be a good place. I rambled about my day getting Rex armor and upgrading what I had. Dorian seemed to be a little less cautious and he actually seems like a nice guy. I would have thought that he was just another rough neck jarhead type, but he actually has some mass in the brain pan. We finished lunch and I told him I was off to the Ivory Tower District for some research and he headed off to look at armor. I guess I’m not the only one not wanting to wear stuff I took off of dead people.

Got to the steps of the Great Library and there was Char. I apologized for keeping her waiting and she just gave me a smile. I looked around for Amy and Jax, and saw Amy heading over to me. I introduced the two of them. I asked Amy about Jax and she just shrugged. Char asked Amy who Patron was and once Char got the information asked us what we knew about the Celestial Senate. I just shrugged, but apparently Amy had come across something or she was better at hiding her ignorance. Don’t know which, but it seemed something Char thought we should be learning about. Not that it’s important to the Druids (apparently) but since Amy also got her orders from her Patron apparently the Old Powers and this Senate were working together for something. Char asked about Jax and neither of us knew her name, but we gave Char a good description of her and her eyes got round. So apparently there is the Great Conclave, a Celestial Senate, and a Great Game. The Game and the Senate are normally at odds. The Old Powers don’t get involved unless something is happening to upset a balance. She was pretty surprised that someone from each of the three major factions had decided to send us on the same quest, and that we were allowed to work together. So Char had us down in the lower level of the library pulling out books explaining Powers. There are greater powers and lesser powers. There are rows and rows of books on different Powers. I don’t know how Char was deciding on books to read, but it wasn’t just a random, start with the S section. No that would be too easy!!! Apparently Jax was upstairs reading something and lost track of time, but eventually he had some haggard looking old librarian lead him down to where we were (and seemed happy that he could leave him with us) so all three of us are now down in the bowels of this Great Library and each of us is getting books stacked one on top of the other. Poor Amy ended up right behind Char and ended up with 5 books that each looked about a foot thick. I moved up to get the next set because Char didn’t seem to really be paying much attention to us so much as what she was pulling. Jax had this dazed “kid let loose in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory” look, so I just started handing him stuff to keep him from wandering off. Fortunately after about 45 mins and close to 15 books later Char led us into a room with comfortable chairs and a large table in the middle of it She wondered off for a bit and came back with three keys and told us that she signed the room out for us and that we had it for as two weeks before our time was up. I guess we get to do research and she just was leading us in a direction. At least we have a place to start and we don’t have to worry about our books disappearing. Amy, Jax and I settled in Char left and the little girl sent to help me came in with a pitcher of water, glass, cloths and a bowl for Rex. Looks like the three of us are in for some major reading. I wanted to do just a quick scan for the name, but these books start drawing you in and soon we are each doing alot of “Hey listen to this”. I’m glad we have the room for two weeks. I wonder if we can keep it for longer. Why do I have a feeling that we aren’t going to find anything until we get to the last book we look in? Oh well. These books are actually a pretty good read, so it won’t be complete hell. Maybe we’ll get lucky. NO, I’m not holding my breath.

5th Entry Amara

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