9th Entry James

Home again, back in the real world, I wish I was glad about that. This world is so dull, so boring, even bland. On the upside there are significantly fewer living dead, cannibals, and “team members” who slice you open “accidently” with their giant sword. But that is how this journal ends not how it began.

We had very little time to prepare for the impending onslaught, but in that little time there was a shuffling of potions, whatever those do. The hand wavers all complained about not having much, uh energy? left. That left the situation to ROTC, Stoner, and myself, I wonder if they will still hand out equal shares for this, they probably will, bleeding heart liberals. So we finally had a focused discussion on tactics, which really surprised me. Leave it to a life or death situation to inspire thought on this particular topic. We positioned ourselves so that I could break the charges, ROTC was the end of the funnel, more like a meat grinder, and Stoner was opposite me to take advantage of their blind spots. This was a terribly effective setup, so I have to give credit where credit is due.

So the attack begins, we are faced with a full hallway of ugly, angry, and probably not going to talk through this types. Of course I suspect this group would have killed them all regardless who attacked first, and the advantage was to them. Hell, ROTC wiped his over sized meat cleaver across the little girl’s open wound. Let’s review, we go out of our way to save some, most likely ungrateful girl who’s parents might have willing given her to these people, then after the rescue we say, excuse me but we need some of your blood. Why you ask, oh that’s simple, the sword is fueled by the blood of the innocent. ... ... I never want to hear another comment about my morals again! They came streaming down the hallway, a seemingly endless supply of horror. Particularly frightening for two reasons, first ROTC apparently found his rhythm for efficient killing. Second, hoards of bipedal things are good at dog piling.

Every swing ROTC made dropped two of the things, he swung a lot. Our funnel tactic worked well, they kept trying to rush past us which let all of us take advantage of their lack of focus. Regrettably, I was twice wrestled to the floor. The second time I was pulled into the throng I was viscously nibbled upon, and in a plot point like moment, I had an eyelid ripped off. Fortunately it didn’t have nearly the debilitating effect that you would think it would have. Besides the little nibble, the closest thing to offense these things put forward was one of the smarter ones down the hallway was heaving exploding fire bombs at our funnel formation. While I can’t say it was comfortable to be caught in repeated explosions, it certainly does wonders for your resolve. Knowing that the best they can do barely had an effect made the whole encounter seem easier.

Right in the middle of the slaughter the slobbery lunatics, as apposed to the lunatics around me who can still control their jowls, they brought out their drum set. Apparently many people in this world are a few grapes short of a fruit salad, but it did give ROTC a nice base beat to accelerate his swinging. I did not get a good look but there was some commotion behind me, a voice I didn’t recognize, and a sudden burst of thrash metal. I’m not sure what was happening or what the intent was, but the 80’s called and they want their music back. As combat blurs together, it was sometime shortly after that when a large creature came charging down the hall way at us. Think sci-fi B movie monster, minus the cheesy rubber costume. It charged right into our funnel and stopped. I wish this part of the story was more dramatic but it simply isn’t. I swung once, buried my sword deep in the creatures side and it collapsed, lifeless. ROTC froze right as combat with the thing started, I’ll never understand his mental condition, blood thirsty killer one second, frightened child the next.

At that point it was decided to implement the original plan of leaving this place and finding help to clear it out properly. What an idea that was, if… only… someone… would… have… thought… of… that… before… the… horrible… slaughter… they… caused… So running out into the open, along with the obligatory thunder storm poring down and a lone figure standing in the open area. At this point I was more interested in gaining the movement advantage of Capitalism so I ignored the ominous figure and mounted up and moved out to charge distance. I forgot to mention, all of the corpses that we left behind started to reanimate. Wee. The lone figure turned out to be the Britt’s paladin friend, the one who keeps looking at me funny. The extra ugly former corpses exploded out of the sewer entrance. The shiny knight drew his sword and… well, stabbed the ground. Not the tactic I would have gone with but it worked as light and little pedal looking pieces flew out from his swords and cleanly disintegrated the majority of the things coming out of the tunnel. He then picked up his sword again and a pulse of light went out from him and everyone else glowed a little. I’m glad I wasn’t close to him when that happened, it didn’t touch me but my stomach twisted with the pulse went out.

Apparently, that little pulse of energy inspired great confidence in everyone,- or made them incredibly stupid, because it was decided we should go back into the sewer. That way we could make sure that everything had been -slaughtered… killed… purged, and properly looted. While we were thoroughly searching the sewer for any hiding ghoul cannibals, Rosewood’s daughter showed up again. For once I was in agreement with everyone else that her appearance was a little more that coincidence. After a brief discussion we all felt that she was hiding something and decided to take her with us to her father house immediately, this thought was fortified when she strongly suggested that we wait until the next day to talk with him. So we headed off to nice end of town after stomping through a sewer…

When we were greeted Snap was told he would not be welcome. As I wasn’t that interested in Rosewood’s pomp and circumstance, not to mention how it would look if I walked in with sewage on my boots, I offered to stay outside. That was not acceptable however, which I should have been more concerned about. We were brought into this dinning hall just as we always were and sat down for a brief bite to eat and drink as we always were. Rosewood then asked for a recounting of the details of the situation, which we provided. He then took an unexpected turn and started speaking about how uncivilized the creatures plans were and that he had no respect for the chaotic methods they employed. Rosewood was traditionalist apparently and preferred consuming other human of note instead of random rabble. Apparently we were humans of note. All too late we realized that we were sitting under balconies with archers taking aim.

Regrettably this fight did not go as our others, instead one by one we were separated and beaten down. I myself was pushed into a hole and trapped in some gooey substance. A prompt beating with blunt objects brought me to unconsciousness. When I woke up Rosewood’s daughter was there and had me separated from ROTC & Stoner. She brought me into a smaller but well appointed room and began negotiating with me. Apparently she was afraid of her father and what he had become, she knew myself and the rest of the group could kill him if we were the ambushers instead of the ambush-ees. The bargain was simple, our freedom, his death, our escape. She gave me the details of where the others were, where he father would be relaxing, and how to exit through his secret study. The plan was set, I was freed and immediately bumped into Snap who had snuck into the house. We made our way back to where ROTC & Stoner were being held, Snap cleanly separated the vertebrae of the guard in one stab and we opened their cell. With few weapons between us we made our way to the kitchen avoiding the guards and stumbled into the room where Nature girl, the Britt, and Baseball Goth were being prepared… ew. When we burst into the room, we stumbled upon an interesting development, all three of them were naked, the Britt was covered in vinaigrette, and Nature girl was covered in butter. Had we not been in a rush I might have enjoyed the view a little longer and I’m sure that Baseball Goth will enjoy the memory for quite a while.

We hastily made our way through the many are again and to the back wall where Rosewood was waiting to meet his death. As we entered his secluded study we came across our gear, apparently he kept it, and other gear as a testament to his finer meals. We grabbed the equipment quickly and moved toward the final encounter. The final battle moved quickly, though Rosewood was not alone there were two ghouls with him. We killed them fairly directly and positioned him where we had the advantage. At that point there was simply a flurry of blows from all of us until he finally stumbled and I brought a recently acquired extra large blunt object down squarely between his eyes. While I am not the aggressive one in the group I am glad his last sight was of me ending him. I do not take being eaten very kindly, and after all my word is my bond. My other motivation was ROTC, for some reason he completely missed Rosewood with one of this swings and carried his momentum through the swing and cleanly across my chest. He hit hard enough to cut right through my chain mail shirt and leave a mark that I’m sure will scar. Before they were just killing others, now I seem to be a target as well. I did reiterate that I was now clearly able to stand through his strongest hits, hopefully that will turn him to the others for a while.

With Rosewood dead several alarms were triggered, which his daughter warned me about. I began searching for the trigger to the secret way out. Though I had difficulty remembering what the trigger was. As sounds of guards approached, the others decided to open the portal book which was in his trophy area. Did I mention the book was there? Oh well, I’m not a fan of going back so I must have missed that. With that we were all sucked back through into the real world. Realizing we were home again, I quickly left the rest of the group and headed for my bed, the one thing I do miss. I also wanted to get anyway from the psychotics, if they broke into the normal amount of rampant killing I didn’t want to be anywhere near. I’m curious if they remember how much better crime scene investigation is here and that people tend to get upset when you kill people.

9th Entry James

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