Char to Amara


Things have gone wrong if your eyes find these words. A heavy sadness hangs over me as I write them. Is this a premonition from the Wolf Mother? I hope that we may yet laugh about this message as we have a feast to your victory and the fact that our wayward Old Power has been redeemed. But if this has not been the case, then I am glad that you have already mastered the Wolf Mother’s Second Lesson: Sacrifice. I feel you were meant to have that before taking on this task.

Rely on the pack. They will need you as you need them. That strength in unity will be tested, but I am confident that you will best that that test as you have so many others. Though you came to our pack later in your life, from a strange land, you are as much a part of it as any member.

Heartrender can be strength, but he needs wisdom. Sybil has so much heart, but she is young and needs focus. The others need a leader. Know that I had intended for you to be my successor, but I had expected so much more time with you… Know that I am proud of what you have done here on Terra.

Stay strong, my daughter. The Wolf Mother cares for her cubs, especially for those who are lost. We will meet again in the great Hunting Grounds deep in the Primordial Forests of the Ether!


Char to Amara

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