Chat Log 2

Network Activity Log: Username jharley13

Logged in to Payson-1454 (Public terminal, Payson Computer Lab) – 23:12:34

Logged onto CampusChat – 23:12:50

Open Microsoft Internet Explorer – 23:13:01

Browser Log:

  • (UM Student Portal Page)—23:13:04
  • (UM News Aggregator) – 23:14:01
  • – (“Fifth Disappearance on Campus This Semester”) – 23:14:55
  • – (“After Two Months, No Leads on Missing Library Aid”) – 23:19:05
  • – (“Fire in Old North Campus Warehouse Contained”) – 23:22:41
  • – (“Dr. Christia Mathews Named New Dean of Students”) – 23:25:05

Open Microsoft Outlook – 23:25:43

Outlook Log:

CampusChat New Chat Session Alert – 23:41:15

Chat Log:

TMAZ: J? Is that you? Where are you?
TMAZ: I haven’t heard from you in two weeks!
TMAZ: What’s been going on?
TMAZ: We need to talk! I’ve been trying to track down that thing you asked me to
JHARLEY13: dont type it. Not here.
TMAZ: J, WTF is going on?
TMAZ: What happened to Robert?
JHARLEY13: im sorry Tom
JHARLEY13: I’m so sorry. I shouldnt have asked you to help.
TMAZ: Sweets, what is happening?!?!

CampusChat Session Ended – 23:48:25

Outlook Log:

Browser log:

CampusChat Alert: DMXerxes is online – 23:56:00
Chat Log:

JHARLEY13: Doctor!!
JHARLEY13: I dont know whats real anymore.
JHARLEY13: After whats happened with Mike
JHARLEY13: Is it really you?!?! PLEASE SAY IT IS!!
DMXERXES: It is child. Let’s talk.


Chat Log 2

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