Cillimar is a moderately sized city, the provincial capital. About 200,000 people. It’s out on the border of the Kingdom of Mykonia, originally a travel, trade, tax town, now that plus a serious vice and entertainment trade. Still in theory following Mykonian laws, but seems to have a fair amount of corruption which makes enforcement somewhat lax.

There are 7 major districts: Noble (nice resident, many shops selling finery), Paupers (not as nice residential, black market, street vendors and farmers markets), Red Silk (entertainment and restaurants of all kinds), Gold Coin (gambling and major merchant houses and banks), Black Iron (smiths and production), Old Town (mostly residential for middle class, also museums, libraries ), and Ivory Tower (magic, temples and shrines to the powers, and schools).

Major entertainment areas: casinos, burlesques, mummers, cafes, salons, massage parlors, private venues, bawdy houses, racetracks, fighting pits, etc. It’s said whatever your fancy, if you look and spend hard enough, Cillimar can satisfy it. Cillimar recently has seen a resurgance in the Mortescurri, or murderplay. The Six Trials of Larazod was recently performed.

Several PCs have written Journals that describe their initial experience with Cillimar:
Amara, Amara, Part 2


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