Clan Trials

Clan Trials are accessible only to a Stoned Clan. These are tests, generally of strength and of arms, that are conducted by the Clannacht itself. The purpose of the Trials is to win access to a number of Clan Empowerments. There are four levels of trials, and each level allows access to more potent Empowerments.

  1. Level 1 Trials require 100 Clan Points to attempt
  2. Level 2 Trials require 250 Clan Points to attempt
  3. Level 3 Trials require 500 Clan Points to attempt
  4. The Ultimate Trial requires 2000 Clan Points to attempt.

A trial is an opportunity, not a guarantee. Clans who fail the trial are generally left none worse for wear, but the Clan Points spent are lost.

Like most Clan activities, Clan Trials are highly regimented, with a number of rules:
  • Only Clan Members can participate, though Clans are allowed to bring one “Guest.”
  • At most, a Trial can have 6 participants. Clans should bring their best team, and cannot win by simply swamping the trial with numbers.
  • Sometimes the Clannacht will enact other rules. These must be followed to succeed in the Trial.

Clan Trials

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