Invocations are a type of ritualized magics that anyone can make use of once they’ve been instructed. Invocations can be taught by instructors or learned from texts. Each Power varies in how they manage their Invocations. Some jealously guard them for their faithful, others gladly put them out for anyway to use.

A character can have 1 Invocation per level in “ready knowledge,” unless they take the “Extra Invocations” feat, which doubles this number. Invocations give a benefit to their user, usually connected to the Power’s Attributes. This is the Benefit. Benefits are usually related to a Power’s Attributes.

Invocations always have a Tithe, however. This is the cost to the user. Tithe’s can be required actions, resources, or sacrifices. Tithe’s always increase or benefit a Power’s Attributes.
  • Required Actions must be done within 24 hours prior to the Invocation. They cannot be done later, and any longer than 24 hours and the action is wasted. They also cannot be stacked in reserve. So if a nature Power will cause a stump to decay away provided three trees are planted in another location, a farmer can’t go plant 9 trees and then use the Invocation three times in a row. After the Invocation is used, he must go plant another three trees.
  • Required Resources must be on hand the moment the Invocation is invoked. Usually they are consumed or used up in some way, but not always. A fire Power may require an item costing at least 5GP be placed on the ground and then a small prayer said. The item bursts into flame, consuming it, but allowing a fire to start in any environmental condition.
  • Sacrifices are taken in payment sometime after the Invocation is used. While this is the most convenient, the Invoker has little to no control over the nature of the sacrifice, so it’s important to read the fine print. A Power with Famine as an Attribute may have an Invocation that allows the user to avoid feeling the ravages of hunger for a day, but the first two meals he gets after using the Invocation will turn to ash as he touches them.

The greater the Benefit, the greater the Tithe. Most Invocations provide a minor skill bonus, highly situational bonus, or the effect of an Orison. Greater ones can be the equivalent of first or second level spells. Those more powerful still are quite rare.


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