Journal Entry - 2010-08-28

Terra Twitter Post 1:

Acting… yeah not really my thing. I feel like I am back in high school play trying to impress Anna Hanson. That didn’t go so well. When you are a terrible actor you shouldn’t use that as your lead in to getting a date. I am not sure what in the hell the director was thinking when he gave me the Lazarad role. What is really scary is what kind of crap they are going to throw at us in this play. What sick sob thought a murder play was a good idea.

Terra Twitter Post 2:

Yeah. I am still a terrible actor and a year of college hasn’t changed that fact. I am pretty sure the director is regretting casting me in the lead role. At least it is a distraction to thinking about what will happen to us when we try to sell the diamond skull. Once word gets out about it I imagine the power players in the city are going to tear us apart trying to get it.

Terra Twitter Post 3:

I guess the stress is making things worse on everyone. I am certainly not improving on my acting skills and everyone else is pretty terrible too. I am really looking forward to this contract being done. I am not sure why in the hell we agreed to do this but Amethyst, Jaxson, and Amara seemed to want it.

Ut Oh! Word about the skull has apparently gotten out. Looks like Mr. Shakes, a big underground figure in Cillamar, found out we had the skull. Honstely, I am surprised we arent floating face down in a lake already. He strikes me as the Tony Soprano type. He sent some of his lackeys to make us an offer we couldn’t refuse. 500,000gp!! I must say I am not really greedy but 500,000 is quite a bit of scratch around this place. The bad news is there is no guarantee that he will pay up. I have seen way to many movies where you show up to make the exchange and that is where they nab you. I am not sure we have much of a choice about giving it to this guy. From what I have heard he would whack us just because we didn’t do what he said.

Terra Twitter Post 4:

Apparently everyone knows we have the skull. The Myconian empire just flew into town and immediately sought us out. They are offering 200k for the skull. Again I am amazed we arent dead yet, but for some reason people haven’t jumped us yet. I still cant understand why. There are a lot of bad people in the world and I am surprised they haven’t come out of the wood work to just take the skull away. Between worrying about getting jumped and the play I am in for a long week.

Oh well. Back to the play preparations. Well at least I can say I am not a fighter trying to pretend to be a wizard or a wizard trying to pretend he is a fighter. For some reason the director cast Jaxson as the fighter and Dorian as the wizard. He really must really be on drugs if he thinks this is going to work. I am still a terrible actor, but at least I am not both miscast in my role and a terrible actor. At least I know where I stand with him now. I am positive he regrets hiring me. At the end of the day he suggested that Amethyst and I go grab dinner to try to spark some chemistry. She is nice enough but she sure isn’t my type. She truly is British to a T, and those blokes are just way too uptight. I want a girl who likes to smoke out, and watch 24 hours of Sponge Bob.

Well dinner got a lot spicier than I anticipated, but not because of Amethyst or I. Our quiet evening was crashed by a representative from the Draconic Protectorate who was also looking to buy the crystal skill. Apparently, the Draconic Protectorate is a human kingdom that went all out on the inter-species relationships with dragons. I am trying to be open minded on the concept, but I am not seeing the sex appeal of a big scaly lizard. I mean it may have worked for Donkey in Shrek, but it freaks me out just thinking about it. It sounds like they want to take over Cillimar and put a torch to most of the city. This place is pretty corrupt but I don’t really see them as an upgrade in the management of the city. Their offer was also pretty lame, an infusion of draconic power sounds pretty painful to me.

Terra Twitter Post 5:

Another day, another offer, make that two. We now have 5 offers of various sorts. Today we added the Grey Wyrm who is basically offering us jack and crap. His messenger said it would be for the greater good which is all well and good. I mean I am all for helping out when I can, but giving the skull up without any reward and having all these power players pissed at us doesn’t seem like a winning idea. We also have the Lord High Mayor offering us 220,000 gp, land, and title. That doesn’t seem like a bad offer, but it doesn’t help that we are going to be marching into his place to screw him over the next day either. Of course all of this is contingent on us living through the play of course,

Acting… Still terrible. The director gave me a headband that he says should help. We are about to go on for our dress rehearsal and it doesn’t look promising at this point. About the only positive news is we managed to get Dorian and Jaxson’s roles reversed. Unfortunately there wasn’t much he could do about the Lazarad part.

Damn. Rotten tomatoes hurt and stink. About the only good news is that the rehearsal is now over and tomorrow we do the real thing. Lets hope the crowd is so focused on all the other stuff going on that they don’t notice the terrible acting.

Terra Twitter Post 6:

The big show. What is sad is I am not sure what I am more worried about. There is the prospect of bad acting in front of pretty much everyone who is someone in Cillimar or what kind of crap they are going to throw at us in efforts to kill us. Seeing the director blanch after seeing some of the props sure hasn’t inspired my confidence. I think someone once said the show must go on. Obviously that person was never cast as part of a murder play or he might have thought differently. I would like to stick his ass in the lead role of a and see what he says then. Oh well.. Lights, camera, action…

Journal Entry - 2010-08-28

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