On The Nature of Powers

There are a fair number of Powers in existence. A Power is a supernatural entity which is born from and tied to the building blocks of the world. They range in might from entities whose reach extends across Creation, to minor spirits of a particular place. The great ones could easily be called gods, but there’s a fair amount of smaller ones.

They are aligned along three basic camps:

They have different organization:

The Powers have six main characteristics:

  1. They have two names: a True Name and a Title. Titles are very important to all Powers and their complex social system.
  2. Powers have a Rank and Affiliation to one of the three main camps.
  3. They have anywhere from one to five Attributes, the building blocks of the world which the Power has some level of dominion over..
  4. They have a Goal, which is what drives them. This can change, but usually only when it is achieved. As entities of motivation and belief, Powers rarely abandon a Goal.
  5. They have a Manifestation, which is their appearance in the physical world.
  6. They have a Bane, which is a substances, item, concept, etc. which is anathema to them. The more common it is, the less its effect. The more rare it is, the greater the effect.

The Powers also have a number of characteristics which reflect how they deal with the mortal creatures that populate the world.

  • They cultivate a style of Devotion.
  • When they encounter a magical Sensitive, they can touch their souls, aligning the sensitive to their essence and creating one of the Power Touched.
  • They have a Tell, which is a mark of some kind common to all the Power-Touched of the same Power.
  • They have a Boon which they can bestow upon those that please them.
  • They have an Invocation, which anyone with the proper training and ability can use. .
  • They can create a Sanctuary, a sanctum or bubble out in the Etheric Void, that serves as a base, refuge, and place of power.

The Great Record is a compendium of all Powers known to date.

On The Nature of Powers

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