Osric to Amethyst

Dearest Amethyst,

If you are reading this letter, then it’s likely that the worst has happened in the Entropic Knot. When I heard what Kiri had in mind for your Clan, I… well…. There is little to gain in directly challenging one’s Power. My concern had less to do with her wisdom or your competence, but rather the danger posed by your foe. Lord Entropy is a terrible Power, the walking embodiment of horrific forces I have long sworn to battle against, and those who serve him must be those who have abandoned their hearts to corruption and long sold their souls down dark ways of power.

When I found out the true nature of the Knot, I went to Char and The Matron. They each had their suspicions and fears. The Matron provided the scrying, while Char knows many hidden paths through the Etheric Void. We watch you now with pride, having seen your group successfully hoodwink the Mayor, as you explore his Mansion. I have no doubt that you will find the entrance to the Knot and brave the challenges within. But we cannot see into the Knot’s black heart, though we all dread what may be lurking there.

I am sorry that it came to this. I hope that you see my intervention not as meddling in your affairs or as smothering overprotection. From the day that we met I sensed strength in you, and time and again that was validated. I had to act because I couldn’t bear losing you after what had happened the past week. I know that I seemed shocked after the events of the Murderplay. I guess it was because through the role you took, the afterparty, I saw you in a light I never had before. I wasn’t sure how to…

But now that is a future that may never come to pass, so I shall not burden you with it. Despite all the powers of Kiri, the Entropic Knot is a dangerous place. Death is something we can overcome, but there are worse fates that may befall us there. You need to continue to learn, to grow, to struggle to be the shining beacon of light in this Dark world that I know you can be.

I can provide only one final teaching: Kiri’s Second Lesson. As you recall, the first one was Service. This second lesson, which must be understood to advance further in her service, is one many do not overcome. In order for there to be Healing, there must first be pain, hurt, damage. This is a fundamental truth in the world. For those who would master Healing, they must have a personal and in-depth understanding of this pain. Kiri’s Second Lesson is Loss. An initiate must experience a personal and painful Loss in order to fully understand and empathize with others. I expect what happens in the Knot will provide you with this loss.

This world can be a savage and brutal place. Human nature is to be greedy, selfish, and aggressive. To focus on needs of the flesh. So why would we deny this? Because someone must. We are aware of our nature so that we can be greater, that we can strive to reach out to others. We can all stretch out of the mud and muck of what we are and, if we struggle hard enough, touch the radiant glory of what we can become.

All my love,

Osric to Amethyst

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