Stone Clans

Stone Clans are a type of Clan that is tied together by the power of a Clannacht. These ancient magical artifacts give the members of a Stone Clan a number of advantages, but also certain restrictions.

Advantages and Powers

  1. Members of a Stone Clan can tie into each others life force when in real danger. Whenever a Clan member collapses into unconsciousness and is beginning to bleed out, they siphon a small amount of life force from the healthiest Clan member and automatically stabilize.
  2. The Clan Master of a Stone Clan can sense the general distance, direction, and well being of all Clan members.
  3. A Clan Stone is necessary to access the Network either through a Book of Dispatch or a Dispatch House. It enables a Clan to formally accept jobs and tracks the results.
  4. Stone Clans can collect Clan Points for the completion of jobs and other work. It also allows them to spend Clan Points as needed.
  5. Once a Stone Clan has enough resources, they can empower a Chapter House


One of the primary purposes of the Clan Stones is to reduce conflict, focusing it and limiting the destruction it causes. The Stones have a variety of ways of doing that.
  1. Stone Clan members are affected negatively if they attempt certain types of violence on each other. This varies by circumstance and intent. Clans on jobs who end up in competition have the most leeway, but in all instances any attempt to kill an opponent (when they are helpless, fleeing, or gravely injured) results in debilitating biofeedback for the attacker.
  2. There are restrictions to what sorts of jobs can be placed on the Network.
  3. Clan members are linked, so actions of a single member in violation can impact the whole clan. These leads to effective self-policing and recruitment.

Stone Clans

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