They were only looking for a little help paying for college…

The University of the Midwest seemed nice, if a bit boring, mid-sized college in Illinois. And it was a surprise to find out they qualified for a scholarship even though they never applied for (or even heard of) it. The Xerxes scholarship covered 75% of all their expenses, and all they had to do was keep a decent GPA and attend some boring-sounding class taught by the eccentric faculty member who sponsored it. But the first night of “Esoteric Mythology” proved to be anything but dull as they were lead to a strange ancient tome that catapulted them to another world! Though they had never met before that night, now:
*The bipolar baseball player with the gothic streak
*The excessively rich business student with questionable morals
*The British medical school student with the family connections
*The ROTC cadet with the rough upbringing
*The light-fingered Australian stoner,
*And the quirky animal husbandry major

Find themselves passing back and forth from their everyday lives to a strange world of magic, monsters, and mysteries, where the greatest threat may be keeping a handle on a reality that seems increasingly fragile.

Caught Between Worlds

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